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Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is made for the many people out there who have a natural curiosity to discover new things.

For 10 issues each calendar year, this leading science magazine provides the latest and greatest in science, astronomy, nature, technology and medicine. Not only is the focus on this set of core science topics, but also on how this science and technology affects everyday life.

Discover reports the latest breakthroughs, predicts the next advancements and mixes in a recent news for a mix that can be tough to beat for science-minded readers of all levels.

  • Issues per year: 10
  • Publishing frequency: Monthly
  • First published: 1980
  • Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing

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Discover Magazine

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2 comments on “Discover Magazine
  1. Gene says:

    Good ole faithful. “20 Things You Didn’t Know About” teaches me probably 19 new things each time. LOL

  2. beemy says:

    Discover is a great general, overall science mag. It doesn’t focus on one particular topic too deeply but spreads things out to keep it interesting. I’ve been please thus far.

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